/World World Sea Turtle Day Report from the Field: Saving Florida’s Sea Turtles with Disney Conservation Team Wildlife
World World Sea Turtle Day Report from the Field: Saving Florida’s Sea Turtles with Disney Conservation Team Wildlife

World World Sea Turtle Day Report from the Field: Saving Florida’s Sea Turtles with Disney Conservation Team Wildlife


As sea turtles are gradually belief to be sentinels of the ocean, it’s most attention-grabbing becoming that World Oceans Day is adopted by World Sea Turtle Day. Sea turtles captivate us and spark our sense of discovery for the ocean wonders past the waves. From the plan they gracefully hover by technique of the water – or in Crush’s case, cruise alongside the EAC- to how they impulsively appear on land after 30 years at sea to lay their eggs and renew the ocean turtle lifestyles cycle, sea turtles symbolize solidarity and serenity in an increasingly more chaotic world. While all seven species of sea turtles are both threatened or endangered, there could be mighty all of us can hang- and are doing- to save them.

Disney Conservation Team Wildlife begins by serving to the ocean turtles in our hang backyard – the beautiful east waft of Florida plan Disney’s Vero Shoreline Resort. Our sea turtle discipline conservation program, begun in 2003, has grown vastly over time. Greater than 50 solid individuals make a contribution their time and skills yearly, offering indispensable experiences for higher than 40,000 Disney Vacation Membership Participants and mates. Since our program’s inception, we savor documented nearly about 17,000 nests from three sea turtle species and never too long ago renowned the millionth infant sea turtle hatched on our 5-mile stretch of beach.

As I write this post, sea turtle nesting season is in fleshy swing here in Florida and the girls had been busy! We are thrilled to survey an develop in both leatherback, our rarest species, and loggerhead sea turtle nests. Check out our newest nest numbers below! 

World Infographic of current nest numbers

In these tense times, Team Wildlife stays committed to our excessive conservation work. Our dinky, but mighty crew of scientists has been on the beach every day this summer time conducting sea turtle nest surveys and marking nests to aid protect them. 

Primarily based totally on the assorted of loggerhead nests we uncover in Florida, one could perhaps judge that loggerheads are overall. Actually, loggerheads are impulsively declining in many other excessive habitats worldwide. We are lucky that so many turtles nest on seashores plan Disney’s Vero Shoreline Resort and we get our accountability for conserving them very seriously. Fragment of our work is evaluating the a immense more than a few of doubtless threats they face – esteem disturbance at some stage in nesting, coastal armoring similar to seawalls, man made gentle pollution on nesting seashores, plastic pollution, and bycatch and entanglement from fisheries gear. We even visual show unit our hang sea turtle stroll program to guarantee that it doesn’t negatively impact our turtles.

We are comfortable with our work on the threats to sea turtles, but know that we can make a contribution far more. We must get stride individually, in our communities, and worldwide. And Disney is doing appropriate that.

We’ve outfitted Disney’s Vero Shoreline Resort with sea turtle-friendly lights to make certain nesting females and hatchlings hang no longer change into disoriented on their plan serve to sea. Moreover, the Disney Conservation Fund has helped protect six species of sea turtles by offering nearly about $4 million to make stronger community conservation applications round the enviornment including the TREE Foundation’s sea turtle conservation program in India, the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s Tortuguero program – longest operating sea turtle look at program on this planet, and the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Learn at the University of Florida, which is working to reverse the decline of Florida’s sea turtles. 

(Credit from left to truthful: TREE Foundation, Sea Turtle Conservancy, and Alan Bolten)

What can you hang to guard sea turtles on this World Sea Turtle Day and past? Listed below are some tips to bag you started:

  1. Lower your employ of single employ plastic, and dispose nicely of all trash. All waterways lead to the ocean, and plastic floating in city canals finally ends up within the ocean. 
  2. Turn your lights off at night time. Even when you happen to don’t stay plan the beach, many plant life and fauna species esteem birds and bats rely on dark skies to navigate safely. 
  3. Opt sustainably sourced seafood. While you’re no longer certain how to hang this, download the Seafood Watch Information app created by our pals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  4. Fragment your savor for sea turtles with others! Ardour for nature is contagious. 
  5. Be taught more about sea turtles by visiting Disney Animals, sorting out @DrMarkAtDisney for all things animals, science and atmosphere, and following @DisneyConservation’s #BigBlueWorld series on Instagram to learn more about the conservation work we hang and make stronger within the mountainous ol’ blue!