Is Learning and earning in Stock Market very easy?

Do you really think that Learning and earning in Stock Market is easy?

If yes then you are in serious trouble, my friend.

Are you thinking that you will open a Demat account today and start earning from tomorrow?

Then you have to stop thinking my friend. Because earning and learning the stock market is very difficult.

I am talking from experience.

If you start today then it can take some months or even years to understand the Stock Market properly.

The learning in stock market totally depends on your experience and your will to learn.

You can watch as many videos as you want. But you will only understand the concept after you use that knowledge into action.

So what can you do?

There are some things that you can do to understand the share market properly.

I will tell you some best ways to increase your understandings of the market.

1. Watching videos–>>

This method is most used and most preferable by every new trader and investor.

In this method, you can learn so many things that will help you to improve in the stock market.

You can learn how to open a Demat account, how to start investing and trading.

You have to understand what is best for you, investing or trading.

Because both of these topics are very different in terms of learning and understanding.

So you can watch youtube videos to learn about the share market.

You can learn about strategies that are beneficial for investing and trading.

But keep one thing in mind, you have to analyze those strategies first daily.

Only after then take a proper trade with proper stop loss and target.

2. Reading books–>>

This is one of the most effective ways to understand the stock market.

By reading books you will be able to understand the in-depth concept of how the stock market works.

You will be able to draw trendlines and zones in the live and chart.

And believe me, if you have learned about trendlines and zones then you have almost mastered this stock market.

There are some great books in the market that you can start reading from.

You are gonna so many things from books that no video will tell you.

3. Paper Trading–>>

Paper trading is nothing but a way to practice the strategies that you have learned through videos or books.

Paper trading is the best way to overcome your fear of losing in trade and perfect your strategy.

You should paper trade on a regular basis until you become confident with that particular strategy.

Also, keep track of your profit and losses in these paper trades and calculate the profit probability.

That way you can see if this strategy is good for you or not.

4. Joining classes–>>

Well, when you start learning about the stock market you will raise some questions that will haunt you every night if not solved in time.

But while watching a video or reading a book there is nothing much you can do about those questions.

Yes, you can try to comment your questions under that video but there is very little chance that you will get an answer.

So the best way to understand fully and clear your doubts is to join some stock market classes.

Because by joining classes you get directly in contact with the expert and you can clear your doubts.

I think these 4 points are more than enough to get you all started and worked up.

So that’s it from my side.

Feel free to read my other posts.

If you have any doubts, complaints or suggestions do let me know in the comments.

Love you guys.

Keep calm and keep learning.

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