Is the Indian Share Market trapping retail Investors?

Well as we are watching for the past 3-4 days, the market has been moving unexpectedly.

So can we say that the Indian Share Market is trapping retail investors and traders?

Actually, we can’t say that. Because the market is not moving on its own. There are some big investors and traders who can easily manipulate the market very easily and we would never know.

So can we prevent ourselves from these traps?

First of all, we should have even the slightest idea that someone is manipulating this market, only then we can take action.

To understand this we have to look for the chart of Nifty 50 and bank nifty.

If the candles are moving in one direction then this could be a sign of some operators who are manipulating the market.

But we can not be sure about that.

So after that, we can look for Top gainers or top losers of the day on the NSE website.

If in the bullish market, top losers are more than top gainers or vice versa then this is the pure case of the operators game.

By checking this you can prevent yourself from getting caught in this trap.

Even if you want to trade in this market you should use a proper stop-loss.

My thoughts on the market?

As you can see in the above 5 min chart of nifty that market opened gap up came down giving signs of profit booking.

But that profit booking didn’t last long.

The market jumped back and broke the zone that we have been using for some days.

But the market didn’t give any retest so we can not confirm that breakout.

After some time market back down and took support at our zone, which was a great sign of a bullish move.

And that’s what happened market went further up, came down a bit to hit some stop losses, and then again went up and gave a big bullish rally.

According to this 5 min, time frame chart market can still go up tomorrow.

Let’s take a look at the 1-day candle.

The 1-Day candle.

In the above 1-day time frame chart, we can see a clear breakout of our zone. This breakout can help us in predicting tomorrow’s market.

As I have told you, a perfect break-out is confirmed after a retest.

So if this is a case of perfect breakout then the market will surely come down to take a retest and then go up further.

Whatever happens, we will surely learn something.

I hope everyone learns from this market every day.

well, that’s it from my side.

I will see you in the next post.

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Till then bye-bye

Keep calm and keep learning.

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