What is the Best Time to Invest in Share Market?

People have asked this question many times that ” What is the Best Time to Invest in Share Market?” and I just tell them one thing there is no best or worst time to invest in the share market.

You can start today, tomorrow, or even after one year. The time does not matter if you want to invest your money in the stock market for the long term.

Today in this post I will tell you about who can start investing in the share market, when can one start investing in the share market and what kind of investing is good for you.

1. Who can start Investing in Share Market?–>>

You all have been wondering who can start investing in the share market.

Before Investing in the share market I also used to wonder if only rich people and businessmen can invest in the share market. But I was so wrong.

Everyone and I repeat Everyone can Invest in the Share Market and earn some money.

You just would need some documents with you and you are good to go.

Every person who has some savings money, salary, pocket money, or any other kind of money, can start investing.

A student with some pocket money, a housewife, a salaried person, a retired person, anyone who has money to invest can invest in the Share market.

2. How much money do we need to start investing in Share Market?–>>

It’s a very common question, everyone thinks that we need a big load of money to start investing and working in the share market.

My dear friend, that’s just a myth.

You can invest in a share market with as low as 100rs or even less than that. Because your investment depends on the price of the stock that you want to buy.

We can get a stock with a price as low as 0.10rs and as high as 80,000rs.

So it totally depends on you and your choices.

But let me tell you one thing, don’t buy a stock for its price. Always buy a stock for its value in the market.

3. When can one start investing in Share market?–>>

To answer that question I would like to ask you some questions.

  1. Do you have a bank account?
  2. Do you have a Pan card?
  3. Do you have an Adhar card?
  4. Do have have some money to spend?

If your answer to the above all questions is yes, then from today you can start investing in the Share Market.

4. What type of investing is good for you? –>>

First, we have to understand that what are the ways to earn money from the Stock Market.

Below is a list of various ways by which you can earn some money from the stock market.

  1. Long term investing
  2. Short term investing
  3. Swing trading
  4. Intraday trading.

These are the basic types of investing in the share market. Let’s talk about them in brief.

1.Long term investing–>>

This type of investing is good for investing your money for some years.

You can just buy some stocks and keep holding them for 5-10 years.

The only thing to keep in mind in this kind of investing is that you have to buy some quality stocks to get assured good returns.

This kind of investing is called no-risk investing.

Because there is almost 0% chance of any loss in this type of investing.

But it takes too much time to give good returns.

So if you think you can wait for the long term then this option is for you.

2. Short Term Investing–>>

In this type of investing you buy some stocks and hold them for a shorter period like 1-3 years etc.

Although this type of investing is similar to Long term investing. The difference is just about some years.

And risk in this type of investing is also similar to Long term Investing.

In this type of investing you could get fewer returns in comparison to long-term investing.

So if you can settle for these conditions you can opt for this option.

3. Swing Trading –>>

This type of investing is relatively for a shorter time about some days or months.

You can wait for 1-2 months and take profit and move on.

The risk here is also less but sometimes you have to hold stocks for a longer period.

Also, the profit you get here would be relatively low. But that would be enough for this time period.

This is one of the most popular ways to earn profits in a shorter time period.

4. Intraday Trading–>>

This is the most used type of trading in the share market.

In this type of trading, you invest or trade in some stocks and then take a quick profit on the same day.

This type of trading is highly profitable but also highly risky.

You can earn a big amount of money in a single day but also can lose all your hard-earned money in a single day.

So I will advise every beginner to first learn in the market take some swing trades.

Invest for some time keep learning new things.

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TIll then Keep calm and keep learning

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