How to catch share market rally?

As you all have seen today, Share market rally was incredible. This share market rally created so much wealth for an individual that they could never have imagined.

What? Did you just missed this rally?


But why?

Did you not know that market was gonna go up today?

Ok no problem. I will tell you how you could have made money in this rally.

Let me take you on this journey and you will learn what happened today in the market, and how you could have predicted what the market was going to do.

First of all, let’s take a look at the chart below.

This is the chart of how Nifty moved today.

You can see on the top left corner that it is a 15-minute chart of Nifty 50.

To begin with, you should know one basic tip: if you wish to analyze charts, learn to master this 15-minute timeframe.

Now let’s come to the analyzing part.

Just take a look at the first 15 min candle.

As you can see, the body of that candle is actually very small, while the wick is so large.

So what does it tell us?

From that, what conclusions can we draw?

Here is the answer to these questions.

This candle shows us that the market opened at 16949 point, came all the way down to 16833 and then went back up and closed this candle at 16936.

Did you noticed that?

Despite falling almost 100 points, the candle still closed near its opening price.

It is clear from this behavior of a candle that the pressure of buyers is much higher than the pressure of sellers.

Whenever this happens the market tends to follow the side which side has more pressure.

So that was the reason market showed this great rally today.

In this market, keep in mind that history always repeats itself.

So even you have made a loss today. Don’t worry, Keep your main focus on learning and advancing.

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Bye Bye.

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