Best Stocks to buy, Intraday, Short term and Long term.


Here we have given a list of Best Stocks to buy for Intraday, Short term and Long term at 27th december 2021.

We have shortlisted some best stocks for your needs.

Table of contents

1. Intraday Stocks

2. Short Term Stock

3. Long Term Stock

Intraday Stocks for 27.21.2021


As you can see in the screenshot. We have marked some important zones for SBI intraday trade.

If SBIN breaks the 456 zone at takes a retest then you can see a bearish moment and your target can be 451-452.

You can put your stop loss at 461. But always keep in mind that you should keep on trailing your stop loss to reduce your chances of taking loss.


If SBIN shows bullish move then you can wait for some time and take a trade when SBIN crosses 459.40 level and takes a retest as shown in the image below.

Then your target can be around 464 and you can put your stoploss below 454.

There you go that’s the best Intraday stock you can get for Monday.

Short Term stock for 27.12.21


Yes you read that right. For short term and good returns stock you can easily go for GTPL.

GTPL has always proven that this stock is worth putting in your stock market portfolio.

You can see its performances and its future in Indian stock market. It has proven a worthy stock.

As you can see in the chart, this stock is at its support level and ready to make bullish triangle pattern. it will easily go to its all time high.

You can buy it at current price and hold for 305 levels.

In case you want to place a stop loss you can place it at 215 levels.

Long Term Stock for 27.12.21


Lastly, IRCTC is and always has been a best stock for long term gain in Indian stock market.

IRCTC has shown great potential in long term. It has given massive returns and made many investor happy and wealthy.

For this reason, some investors were waiting for IRCTC to become cheaper and affordable. So here we go, as you can see now we can get IRCTC in a great discount. And believe it or not IRCTC will again show you why it is one of the best stock in NIFTY 50.

Hence, you can buy IRCTC at current price and hold for at least 1-2 years.

So what are you waiting for go watch these stocks. Add them into your watchlists and study them.

Above all, If you need any kind of help or suggestion you can comment down below.

In short, All queries will be answered, it’s my Promise.

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