What happened in share market on Friday?


The Indian share market is called an ocean of money. But sometimes that Ocean can defeat a big bull.

That’s what has happened on Friday the 24th, 2021. At first, the market opened in a huge gap up. Which was the sign of a positive movement. But as soon as the market started trading we saw a big fall in 15 min candles. Almost 50 points fall in Nifty in a mere 15 min.

Some bulls were certain that this is just a profit booking and the market will go to new highs.

But in the next 15 mins, we again saw a massive fall of Nifty. But that fall was double from the first fall. I saw many people crying over that fall.

At this movement, people were certain that today’s market is bearish so we have to take only bearish trades. That came true for the next 2 candles of 15 min. The next candle was green but a small green. And next to that candle was red.

So rookies took bearish trade there to cut their losses and make huge money.

And that’s what this market wants. As soon as these rookies took to trade for bearish the market took support, waited for some time on that support, and bounced back hitting all the stop losses of rookies.

So that’s why I say that always keep on trailing your stop losses and keep on scalping on this market.

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