/Entertainment Julie Chen on why the ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ are playing it so safe – Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Julie Chen on why the ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ are playing it so safe – Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Julie Chen on why the ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ are playing it so safe – Entertainment Weekly


A week, host Julie Chen Moonves will solution just a few questions referring to the most fresh episode of Wide Brother: All-Stars. Right here, she weighs in on Kaysar’s immense speech, why the home is playing it so safe, and what to count on from the BB Basement.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: To find some of these rouge votes from the previous few weeks that like been solid shapely to throw other folks off relatively and essentially all the vote-outs thus some distance this season like been unanimous or discontinuance to it. Why is all people playing so safe, Julie?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: I feel it’s effort, ego, and the odor of half of 1,000,000 bucks. Grief of sticking your neck out for who and what you imagine in. Of us who did [Janelle and Kaysar] ended up getting evicted due to they didn’t kiss as much as whoever used to be in power. Ego, due to no person needs to be the All-Superstar voted out sooner than the season(s) they played sooner than. For Ian and Nicole F., they settle on to assemble history because the most gripping two-time winner of Wide Brother. The half of-million bucks slipped some distance from all however Ian and Nicole F. This time round, these All-Stars are playing it safe… thinking sluggish and accurate wins the speed. We shall survey.

What did you assemble of Kaysar burning down the home on the methodology out and calling out Cody, Nicole, and Dani significantly? Enact you imagine there’ll be aftershocks to that this week?

Kaysar had nothing to lose and lawful for him for making the purpose out more gripping for us to peek and for the houseguests themselves to live in. He additionally did it in lawful fun. I feel there’ll be aftershocks, based fully on the reactions from Dani and Nicole. They looked MAD!  It hit a nerve with Dani and perhaps Nicole too, that formulation they’ll likely react and other folks in the home will are trying to skim into that… and oftentimes other folks survey what they settle on to survey. I survey Tyler utilizing this to are trying to accumulate Dani or Nicole evicted.

Kaysar mentioned he didn’t reach aid for the money and that it used to be his “call of responsibility to reach aid” to attend with one of the well-known most intolerance and division in the sphere. How well-known used to be it to like him on this season having one of the well-known most discussions that he did while in the home?

For my portion, I conception it used to be immense. In my thought, you merely cannot stick your head in the sand and play this fun summer season fact point out and ignore what our complete nation is living by shapely now. Again, personally, if we did, it could perhaps perhaps merely be tone deaf, unfriendly, and silly.

K, Julie, you settle on to give us a shrimp bit tease referring to the BB Basement. What are you able to reveal us?

I will reveal you I genuinely like by no formulation in my 20 years web web hosting Wide Brother seen one thing care for it. This can assemble it essentially onerous for fogeys to strategize what’s simplest for his or her sport.

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