/Entertainment Julie Chen jokes about ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ live premiere snafus – EW.com
Entertainment Julie Chen jokes about ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ live premiere snafus – EW.com

Entertainment Julie Chen jokes about ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ live premiere snafus – EW.com


One in all Julie Chen Moonves’ most lovely qualities is that she by no manner takes herself too severely. Accurate thought at the trend she adopted the at the initiating derisive nickname of the Chenbot as her own. So it stands to reason that the host wouldn’t make a selection up too curved out of kind just a few few of the snafus that sprung up at some stage within the live two-hour Enormous Brother: All-Stars premiere. Actually, she will laugh about them, gleaming such hiccups are finally what give live presentations that component of attraction that pre-packaged episodes lack.

Within the first of her weekly All-Stars Q&As with EW, the host talks in regards to the “bizarre” circumstances of the COVID-impacted pass-in, all those desk mazes, the sealed-shut door to the Have Nots room, and whether or no longer Cody made the lawful pass in a success the first Head of Family.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, relate us what it turned into as soon as luxuriate in for you standing on the stage, going live and not using a viewers, and alongside with your total unique security precautions you all set aside in pronounce. How did it feel?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: It felt bizarre. Every thing feels bizarre. Obvious, we’re all jubilant to be support at work, to luxuriate in a job, and to be working in a safe setting. The final security precautions being taken are spectacular and I’m grateful. I pray this season of BB gives some worthy-important support and laughs for all of us whereas inviting to a unique chapter where houseguests can respectfully disagree and probably expose The US we would no longer all look leer to leer but can’t all of us make a selection up alongside? That hope of mine extends to everybody staring at the expose as correctly. We’ve all been in quarantine for five months now… and now everybody knows firsthand how exhausting it is.

Quite a lot of mountainous names returning for this All-Stars season. Who were you most mad to search support on that stage 12 toes away from you?

David! I relate I had him a success it all within the administrative heart pool final summer. I would luxuriate in to search him final to finale night after which how a ways he can prefer it. I loved his positivity and quiet wisdom. We desire more of that on this world! However it in actual fact’s no longer doable to NOT be mad to search Janelle! So memorable, this kind of mountainous competitor, persona for days, and funny. She’s any individual I constantly luxuriate in to search.

Julie, that desk maze regarded HARD! Had been you questioning if anybody from just a few of those groups would ever assemble it in time?

Uh, yeah. And so did my 10-365 days-broken-down son and my total family staring at with him! After the first round, I turned into as soon as luxuriate in, “Hmmmm… wouldn’t it be nuts if Christmas received HOH ‘motive she had nobody else to compete against her in that competition?! Now THAT can be the unexpected!” I’m initiating to assume because we didn’t spend our famend line to the houseguests — “quiz the unexpected” — that we had that backfire on us and we received the unexpected! Hey? Locked door to the Have Nots room!? I imply…

Cody wins the first HOH of the season. That affords him instant security, but additionally paints him as a straight away threat and manner he’s ready to kind just a few enemies. Orderly pass by him or no longer? I could reveal magnificent pass. Recount folks you’re a competitor. Make them your ally with the promise of taking them a ways with you within the game. We know he’s a person of his note. Folk felt he GAVE away half of 1,000,000 greenbacks to Derrick in season 16… when he honored his note and kept Derrick over Victoria with his sole vote to evict one of them. he’s faithful.

At final, luxuriate in they gotten the Have No longer room start but?

Sure, but I’m hiding in there now and I even luxuriate in locked it one more time because I’m so afraid at how that played out on LIVE national TV… and on premiere night! Hey, ya live and ya be taught. I needed to kind it a mission and reveal on the hover “whoever can make a selection up that darn door start received’t favor to sleep in there tonight!” Again, joke turned into as soon as on us… quiz the, correctly, you realize the remaining of the road, Dalton! Gotta bustle now, Chenbot battery working low…

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